As Thanksgiving approaches, no doubt you’re making your to-list for home preparation! To make it easier on you this Thanksgiving season, we’ve compiled some of the most popular cleaning tips on our site. These tips have been uploaded by you, Sverve influencers! So take a look below at those tips that will ease your cleaning regime and save you time!

Speed Cleaning

Cindy Howell uploaded this tip from Living Well Spending Less. View the tip HERE>

10 Cleaning Tips for People who Hate Cleaning

Ruth Cataldo uploaded this tip from her blog, Captain America & His English Rose. View the tips HERE>

Kitchen Cleaning for Busy Moms

Ellen Lafleche-Christian uploaded this tip from Confessions of an Overworked Mom. View the tip HERE>

3 Tips for Easy Cleaning

Steph Calvert uploaded this tip from Hearts & Laserbeams. View the tips HERE>

Holiday Cleaning List

Chelsea Briner uploaded this tip from Get Your Crap Together. View the list HERE>

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