Utilize influencers to reach your marketing goals! An effective blogger outreach program will create hard working marketing advocates and long-term blogger-brand relationships.

Ensure your Sverve blogger outreach is a success with these Five Top Tips & Best Practices:

1. Keep it short.

Write a brief, exciting pitch for Campaign Details outlining your campaign and your product or service. Don’t hesitate to provide engaged influencers with more details about your campaign via a Dropbox document – they are your marketing partners, after all!

2. Don’t be afraid to be anonymous.

Have a new product launch you want to keep under wraps? Want to avoid online chatter outside of your chosen group of influencers? Just remove the company name:

For example:

Instead of “Looking for influencers to try new Acme Cake Mix”

Try “Looking for bakers who love to try new recipes”

This will be just as effective.

3. Have a great title.

You have 500 characters to encourage influencers to apply. No need to include compensation details, Sverve will include that information alongside your campaign details.

For example:

Instead ofLooking for bloggers for review of BrandX Widget Pays $50”

TryLove widgets? Looking for bloggers to share their widget stories! Plus product review & giveaway opportunity!”

4. Consider your compensation.

While some bloggers do accept product as compensation, many require monetary payment in return for creating content around a product or service. Keep in mind that years ago, blogging was a merely hobby- now it is a business.

Sverve influencers usually ask for $50 to create a blog post and social posts on behalf of a brand. Paying more than average will make your campaign more attractive to bloggers with higher UVM and social followings.

5. Think outside the blog.

Bloggers are active across social media. Many Sverve influencers have larger audiences on social than they do on their own blogs. Working with a blogger to create content on social platforms instead of, or in addition to doing a plain old blog post may get your brand more buzz.

Here is a great example of Sverve campaign details for a fictitious toy car brand:

Title: Have car crazy kids? Top toy car brand looking for bloggers to share their story! Plus review & giveaway opportunity!

Campaign Description:

Hi Sverve Influencer!

Do you have kids who love to collect and play with toy cars? Looking for parents of kids 4-12 interested in working with a top toy company to review a new toy car and share stories of their car-crazed kids with their followers! The new toy car hits shelves this summer and has lots of new features that will get your little one’s engine revving!

Engaged influencers will be sent toy cars from the new Summer collection for review and, if interested, for giveaway to their readers.

We are looking for influencers to create a:

  1. Blog post
  2. Facebook post
  3. Instagram image
  4. Google+ post

Special Instructions: If interested, please apply to the campaign. Further instructions and details will be sent to engaged bloggers.

Have a question about creating a campaign on Sverve? Email us at and our team will help you out!

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