Are you engaged in the ‘Earn Money By Sharing Sverve with Your Circles’ campaign? It’s Sverve’s affiliate campaign, where we reward your for referring new influencers to us! It’s probably the easiest campaign in which you will ever be involved because it’s automatic!

How does it work?

After posting the Sverve button or link on your site using your specialized affiliate link, you’re done! Your visitors and friends can click on that and you will get the credit! How much credit? You will get $2 for everyone that signs up under you via your affiliate link! That doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up quickly! If you’ve got a significant amount of traffic to your blog, many people will see your Sverve button and possibly sign up!

What are the benefits?

  1. Helping others. If Sverve has helped you grow your blog, build relationships, monetize your site or educate you, then share the love with your other blogging friends! New bloggers are welcomed and encouraged and that’s not something you always find on blog networks! Help your newbie bloggers out by referring them to us!
  2. Compensation. Sverve is all about connecting brands with bloggers for business. Being a part of Sverve has the advantage of monetization opportunities. After establishing your Sverve influence and presence, being engaged on campaigns will become a frequent occurrence. For as much as you want to put into it, that is how much you will get out of Sverve.
  3. Exposure. By joining Sverve, {or any blogging network for that matter} you are exposing yourself to a whole new set of other bloggers. Why is this important? You can learn from other bloggers and the “tips” they upload. The relationships made with other bloggers can be helpful for learning and collaboration. By exposing yourself to a new set of people, you will get more page views and followers. And lastly by joining Sverve, you are able to share your content on another piece of the internet world.

How do I start?

  1. Sign up! Go to your campaigns dashboard and scroll to the bottom. Near the end of the page you will find this campaign: Earn Money By Sharing Sverve With Your Circles. Click on that to apply.
  2. Wait patiently. Each week new influencers who sign up for this campaign are assigned an affiliate link and sent an email regarding campaign instructions. Please be patient as we process each influencers’ campaign applications.
  3. Share! Once you receive your emails regarding instructions, share! This is where you can get creative! Install a Sverve button in your sidebar with your affiliate link attached. Draft a post about Sverve including your affiliate link. Send out an email newsletter to your subscribers about Sverve. Each of these have been done with success! Here are some posts written about Sverve that may be helpful to you:
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    2. Sverve: the benefits, my opinion, some coaching
    3. Share & Endorse on Sverve
    4. What is Sverve?
    5. Sverve is Turning 1
    6. Join Me On Sverve

Added Bonus!

Sverve is turning one year old in December 2013 and because of that a giveaway is being thrown! Go here to learn more -

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  • Amila November 12, 2013, 9:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing this info.I applied for this campaign few weeks ago,thought I am not selected,but now I know I have to be patient
    Amila recently posted…Drumstick leaves stir fry (Murunga Kola Mallun)My Profile


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