Today we have Angie from Luv Saving Money as our influencer of the week!

How did you being blogging?

I started about 7 years ago, but seriously for 5.  I’m a frugal person by nature.  I’d have friends and family asking me: how did you find that coupon? Where did you find out about that deal? etc.  Rather than sending them to a bunch of sites and writing everything down I decided just to put it all in one place for them.  It grew from there.

How did you choose your blog’s title?

Initially I had a longer title but it just didn’t look right on business cards and couldn’t always be included completely in other areas . So I chose Luv Saving Money, simple, to the point, easy url.

What are you preferred blogging topics?

I’m a frugal lifestyle blogger.  I write about anything that saves money or can improve finances.  I also do product reviews for the purpose of letting my readers know if something is worth spending their hard earned money on.

What are you up to when not blogging?

I work part-time outside my home as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at a local trauma hospital.  I also love spending time with my hubby and 4 kids, paper crafts, and entering sweepstakes.

What are your tips for balancing family life and blogging?

You have to find what works for you.  I blog during nap times and after the kids go to bed.  I’m a night owl.  I also keep my desk in the dining room.  My family comes first no matter what.

Why and how do you use Sverve?

I love connecting with small businesses, companies, and other bloggers. I like being able to share posts I’m particularly proud of.

Do you have any tips for your success on Sverve?

Share what’s important to you.  Connect with other bloggers. Sverve is a great site and I’ve told many bloggers about it.

Can you share any blogging tips that have really helped you?

I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and to learn.  Don’t ever think you know everything.  When you finally get something down, the rules change.  Never stop learning and help other bloggers.  You never know when they might return the favor.

What do you love most about blogging?

I like being me and telling people what I really think.  I love the opportunities that can come if you work hard at it. Most of all, I love sharing what I love and having like minded people commenting and sharing their thoughts.


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