SverveTip: Raise Your Sverve Score


Your Sverve score is important. It lets other influencers and brands know how successful you are on your blog and on It declares your credibility and influence. Other influencers on our site may not give you or your uploaded tips a second thought if your score is low. Brands may not engage you for their campaigns if your score is a low one. So you can see how important it is that your score be as high as possible! How do you raise your score? Here are some great tips to help with that! In a nutshell this means | Continue Reading...

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Sponsored Shares Campaigns


Sverve is proud to announce the debut of sponsored share campaigns! It is another way for influencers to monetize their influence on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  This type of campaign doesn't take much work, effort or time to complete. The only thing that is needed is a few moments of your day. A sponsored share is similar to a sponsored tweet. In fact it is the same thing except that "sponsored shares" is a more broad term to be used on any social media platform. Right now Sverve is only offering sponsored shares for Twitter. Twitter influencers can participate | Continue Reading...

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Today we have Antionette Blake with us from DeDivahDeals. She is a fifty-something frugal fashionista that loves to blog while keeping up with her full time career! This coupon clipping, clearance-rack searching shopper has lots of great ideas for frugality for her blog readers. Continue reading to see just what makes her a success! How did you begin blogging? DeDivahDeals was created on February 9th, 2012, after a short stint of Microblogging on Facebook. It was a way to fill a void in my life that was left by the death of my grandmother. She was my shopping partner as well | Continue Reading...

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Today we have with us as influencer of the week Erica Buteau of  Buteau Full Chaos! Her amazing journey that led her to the blogging world is definitely something you will want to check out! This ex-corporate world worker has lots of experience to recommend her. You can find her blogging about family life, frugal living and product reviews as well as helpful posts for bloggers including social media topics! Ultimately, I blog as the result of tragedy.  You can really get a good look into who I am and why I blog with my post, Rising From the Ashes- | Continue Reading...

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