Affiliate Model. What do you think of when you hear those words? It’s one of those terms with which many are familiar, but few can succinctly describe. Plenty of small businesses, including Sverve, use affiliate campaigns to gain brand visibility, new sales, or users.  In a nutshell, they hire a blogger (or a hundred of them) to promote their business.  The blogger is then paid for consumer purchases…or sometimes just for clicks…that originated from his or her site. Simple enough, yes? Well, no…not exactly. The process is not always seamless.  Sometimes bloggers are hesitant to engage in an affiliate campaign | Continue Reading...

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Congratulations, blogger!  You’ve jumped on board the fastest-growing monetization site on the World Wide Web…Sverve! Pat yourself on the back, stand a bit taller…and…uh… What now? Fabulous question.  Hopefully, these tidbits that I’ve learned along my own journey will supply some answers. Eight Great Habits of Highly Effective Sverve Influencers: 1.  Read the FAQ page.  Yes, Virginia, there is a FAQ page on Sverve.  It’s very informative and can be found here.  Once you’ve done that… 2.  Complete your profile!  We’re all here on Sverve to make money, yes?  To apply for and become engaged on brand campaigns, right?  You have | Continue Reading...

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