Our influencer of the week is Camila Rojas from Titi Crafty!

How did you begin blogging?

When my girl was close to turn 1 I started making her birthday party all by myself and on a really low budget. I started making the invitations, table decoration, etc all illustrated and cut with my hand. A friend of mine who owns a bakery/coffee shop saw my work and told me to start making cards to sell them on her shop and I did. When I told my mom, she suggested to start a blog so more people would see my work and sell… And I did LOL. What I didn’t know was the huge world hidden behind blogs. It was so much more than just showing off my cards, it was helping each other, growing, even monetizing the blog. From that moment is when I really started blogging, started making tutorials for my crafts, DIY projects, sharing tips and tricks and I just fell in love with my blog and with Blogland.

What are you preferred blogging topics?

Anything I can make with my hands. From simple crafts to delicious recipes. I love decorating, making any kind of things for my girl, crafty jewelry, sewing and upcucling whatever I can.

What are your three favorite blog posts?

I think I could pick my Super crafty Jewelry Organizer, DIY Daisy and Butterfly Embellished Shoes and my Snickers Bar Chunks Cheesecake =D

What are you up to when not blogging?

Usually with my girl. I also do Web design so I spend a lot of time there too. I also enjoy watching TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Suits, The Vampire Diaries, Graceland, Ufff there are so many I love, the more action and/or romance the better =D. And of course I definitely love reading a good, romantic, fiction book =D.

What are your tips for balancing family life and blogging?

I have to confess I’m still figuring that out. Before having my girl, my life was all about my work and my hubby. Then after I had Emma during a long period of time I was only mom and wife so I’m still trying to find that balance in my life, blogging still consumes a lot of my time . But my idea of it is that I should have a specific schedule for my blogging hours and then spend more time enjoying time with family and the things I love. I’m on my way I guess.

Why and how do you use Sverve?

How? I don’t really remember. I joined Sverve when my blog was really young. Probably some friend told me about it and I joined and I loved it. I have connected with new bloggers, I’ve grown as a blogger and I’ve had the opportunity to monetize my blog. I enjoy being able to choose what campaigns I want to join and also discovering new people with same interests!

Do you have any tips for your success on Sverve?

I’m not really big yet, I still have a lot to learn and grow, so I still see a success as a goal in and out of Sverve. But I’ve grown a lot and that’s because I’ve followed a lot of bloggers that I like, I’ve shared my love for Sverve on social media channels. I only engage campaigns that are relevant for my readers and I’m always myself. I think that’s the key.

Can you share any blogging tips that have really helped you?

Be yourself, be authentic, show people you care. Blogging is not about what we can get but what we can offer. People won’t come to us to see what we need, they come looking for something. So if we are going to blog, it should be something from our hearts and that will offer something of interest to our readers. Also it’s important to be persistent. Success do come over night. We have to patient and keep trying even if we feel there is no response. Blogging is like water, drop by drop it will fill a cup. In time with love and continuous hard work people will notice we are there and will follow along. It’s a slow, steady and sweeter success!

What do you love most about blogging?

People. Definitely people. I’ve made incredible awesome friends. Bloggers are caring, are kind, are supportive even when we never get to see our faces in person. There are some bads just like in any other aspect of our lives but the goods pay off everything else. When I think about my way here I could have never done it without the love and support of many blogger who have been on my side from the beginning. It’s all awesome. Blogging is awesome, Blogland is awesome, people are aaaawesome!


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