Our influencer of the week is Anna Thurman from Real Ways to Earn Money Blog. She’s a great asset to our Sverve community by her involvement and representation of Sverve! She actually recently won a contest for bringing a large amount of new signups to Sverve under her affiliate status! Continue reading to learn her secrets of success!

How did you being blogging?

I started blogging in 2010. My website, Real Ways to Earn Money Online, was created as a result of my personal frustration with the work from home resources online during that time. I had done enough digging around to know that legitimate online employment existed, but there were only a handful of websites and forums offering actionable information on the topic. I made it my goal to create a work from home resource that would make it easy for people to find links to real jobs and start working

What are you preferred blogging topics?

I write unbiased reviews of work from home companies and websites that offer extra money opportunities. I also write about balancing working from home and home life, staying focused, resume tips, how to avoid scams, and more.

What are your three favorite blog posts and why?

“22+ Work From Home Facebook Pages to Follow” – I share this post a lot with my Facebook followers because it’s still not easy to find good work from home pages to follow on Facebook. I’ve done a great deal of networking within the work from home world and I know what pages share the truly useful information -

“Why Can’t I Find a Work From Home Job?” – Even if you have access to good work from home resources, getting a home-based job can take time just like it does in the brick and mortar world. A lot of people don’t realize this because of the way “work from home” has been represented for so many years. People get frustrated when the job search takes time, so I wrote this to put things in perspective and also to provide some tips to get things moving.

“Five Best Options For Non-Phone Work at Home” – Most of my readers are looking for non-phone jobs from home. There are quite a few companies that offer phone jobs, but these aren’t always an option because most of the companies offering phone-based work require a quiet working background. If you have kids or loud pets, providing a quiet background may not be possible.

What are your tips for balancing family life and blogging?

 Don’t allow your blog to take over your life. It’s so easy to let that happen. Have a firm “shut down” time where you close the laptop and don’t do anything else blog-related until the next morning. No matter how pressing something seems, it can almost always wait.

Why and how do you use Sverve?

 I use Sverve to check for campaigns that would fit my niches and also to connect with other bloggers. I’ve been loving the new paid tweets feature and I’ve done quite a few of those so far. The social aspect of Sverve is amazing! I’ve found so many bloggers through Sverve that I might not have known about otherwise.

Do you have any tips for your success on Sverve?

I open every email I get from Sverve so I know what campaigns are hot and what’s going on at all times. I would definitely recommend that others do the same. Also, follow and endorse other bloggers on Sverve. Sometimes they will return the favor, and this helps to build up the Sverve score.

Can you share any blogging tips that have really helped you?

 Posting consistently is one of the best things you can do for your blog. You can’t post ten times in one month and only two times the next month and expect anyone to become a regular visitor.
It’s also smart to take a step back from your blog occasionally and look at it through the eyes of your average blog visitor. Ask yourself if, at first glance, this is a blog that you would spend any time on and correct any problems you see.

What do you love most about blogging?

 My favorite thing about blogging is the flexibility. I feel blessed daily that I can schedule my life around my work rather than the other way around. I also love the community aspect of blogging. I try to “educate” my readers, but they have also educated me so much. I love that we can all share and learn from each other.

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