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Adrienne Bolton, Author of The Mommy Mess, writes with an honest voice about motherhood and homeschooling. Her writing is always forthright, sometimes sarcastic, and never perfect. She writes about those warm fuzzy motherhood moments often, but, in her own words, I really enjoy writing about the other side of motherhood more. The side that’s real and raw. That side of motherhood that we’re scared to talk about. That’s the side that brings my words to life. If I’m scared to say it, I find it usually makes a great blog post. When I don’t feel like writing about motherhood or homeschooling, I share my deepest thoughts on life with my readers. Stuff like, “Is Bret Michaels bald under that bandanna and cowboy hat?” 

In the Beginning…

Adrienne started blogging on a whim back in 2010. She actually went online trying to learn how to be an extreme couponer.  After clicking around a little, I discovered the world of blogging I can’t live without. The couponing didn’t last long (thank God), but my love for writing was ignited. I found a freedom in writing that has become a part of me I hope to always hang on to. Last year, I decided to try and take myself a little more seriously as a blogger and see where this journey takes me. I don’t know where it’s headed, but I really hope it lasts longer than my scrapbooking phase.

When She’s not Blogging…

This mama loves to read. I read lots of books at one time so it seems I never finish any one book in a timely manner. It’s a character flaw (or adult ADD? I’m not sure which). I’m passionate about my faith and my walk with Jesus, and of course, raising my boys. They are my whole world. 

On Getting her Sverve On…And Some Advice for Newbies…

I use Sverve as a way to connect with other bloggers and brands I’d like to work with. I also use it as a way to bookmark and share tips and articles I find around the web related to my niche.  One tip for newcomers:  Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Find your voice and hold onto it even when comparison tells you to change.  

Leave Adrienne a comment here and pay a visit to The Mommy Mess.  You’ll be glad you did!

16 thoughts on “Influencer of the Week – Adrienne Bolton

  1. Congrats on being Influencer of the Week! I just went and checked out your blog and it is awesome :)

  2. Featured on BlogHer? Syndicated on BlogHer? Community Lead for SITS? Girl? You get aROUND. :) Congratulations.

  3. Love Adrienne’s blog :) As for Adrienne herself, she’s supportive, positive and fun! And that note about “find your voice and hold on to it” — sheer brilliance.

  4. Congratulations!!! You are VERY deserving of the title!! I look forward to one day being and Influencer on Sverve!!

  5. Congratulations! I love your advice on not comparing yourself to other bloggers… that is so hard not to do, but I strive to do it daily. I’m off to visit your blog.

    • Thank you!

      It’s hard for me too, but we have to remember that there’s only one us. That’s only thing other bloggers don’t have. ;) How can we use that to our advantage? By not trying to be like everyone else!

  6. Congrats Adrienne…what a wonderful honor! I LOVE to read also…just downloaded way too many books on Kindle today. Probably won’t get to read them all…but an avid reader has to be prepared, right! Lol! Have a great rest of your day! ;-)

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’ve been embracing my library books this summer, but man I love my Kindle!

  7. What grabbed me right away is your photo – you look so friendly and approachable. And your blog posts are so genuine and beautifully written. It was a joy to visit your site. Congratulations on your feature this week.

  8. I love your real and raw side. That’s why I started reading you and never stopped. And I love that you began your blogging journey in your pursuit to become an extreme couponer. Talk about serendipity!

  9. I just found this… So belated congratulations! You have a wonderful blog and you deserve to be in the spotlight!

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