We are making changes to our site effective Monday, June 23! Some exciting new features include a revamp to influencers profile pages on Sverve! In an effort to make your profile and blog statistics more accurate, true to form and comprehensive we are adding several features! Your updated profile page will include the following:

  • blog stats
  • campaign stats
  • demographics: age, gender, income range
  • Alexa stats
  • social stats

Blog stats

*Only you and brands can view your stats. No other influencer has this capability*

Previously blog statistics like unique visitors, page views etc influencers had on their profile page was self-reported. While we appreciate the time taken to gather this information, brands are needing more accurate statistics. So we’ve incorporated each influencers blog stats from Compete. Compete provides quantative analysis of web traffic. Alongside these stats reported by Compete, your self-reported stats will also be shown. Upon these changes going ‘live’, make sure that your self-reported stats are as accurate as possible to minimize the difference from  Compete stats.

Also in the blog stats tab, you will see trends over time for your blog traffic. Just as you would see in your Google Analytics page or your blog dashboard stats, you will see a graph over 3-12 months time period of your blog traffic. This is to help brands determine if you’re a good fit for their campaign.

Lastly in the blog stats tab, you will see demographics for your blog. Age, gender and income ranking will be shown.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 6.08.00 PM

Alexa Stats

This is not necessarily a new feature, but it will look differently from what it was previously. Your Alexa ranking, average pages per user, total visitors from the U.S. and total page views from the U.S. will be visible here.


Social Stats

This is a great feature that we’ve improved upon! Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram stats are visible here. Brands and other influencers will be able to view the number of followers or likes on each social media as well as click on your social media links! Influencers now have the capability to connect your own social media profiles too!


Campaign Stats

This completely new feature will be visible on your profile page! Campaign stats include the following: YouTube Promotion, Targeted Tweets, Pinterest Sweepstakes, Sponsored Posts, and Affiliate Discovery. Every campaign that you’ve completed will be tallied here under the appropriate campaign class. To brands and other influencers, your campaign completions will be shown!

Also under this tab will be visible the brands you’ve worked with. Brands with which you’ve completed a campaign will be shown.


Profile Completion Reminder

At the top of your profile page, only visible by you, you will have a profile completion tab. Areas of influence, blog stats and social stats are reflected here. The percentage of each stat that you’ve completed will be shown. This is just to remind you that if you haven’t completed any of these stats, that you should! It works to your advantage to get your information loaded to your profile page. Brands use your profile page to consider whether you are an appropriate candidate for their campaigns. If stats are missing, they may pass you over. Nobody wants that! Make sure all of your stats are completed and up to date!


We hope you enjoy these new features to make your profile page easier to access and more comprehensive!

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