Every day, thousands of writers sit down to their keyboards and begin putting down their thoughts for others to read. For some of us, writing is a hobby, and for others, it’s a career. It doesn’t matter where creative writing falls into your life though – if you’re a writer, you’re going to get the dreaded writer’s block sooner or later.

Writer’s block is defined as the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. To make writer’s block even worse, the online writing field has gained such popularity that it isn’t enough to come up with an article – you need to come up with a good article if you want to keep people engaged. This can make writing stressful, if not a little mind-numbing and rigid. Needless to say, articles that are churned out when the brain is over-working itself to come up with “great thoughts” don’t usually turn out that great. Writing needs to be enjoyable to the author before it can be engaging to the reader, and if you’re trying too hard to come up with an article, it’s going to show through. So give your fingers a break, sit back, refill that cup of coffee, and read through my top ten favorite ways to not only break through writer’s block, but connect with readers as well.
1. Take a trip to the local anywhere.

Get fresh perspective by polling the people around you to see what is concerning them the most. You’ll pick up some great stories and ideas by doing this.

2. Snag an interview.

Interviews aren’t just for the morning shows or noteworthy journalists. You can interview just about anyone and get a compelling article out of it as long as you know the right questions to ask.

3. Go through your recycling & trash.

Yep, writing a great article can be as easy as pulling a plastic bottle out of the trash. Grab some recycling and get crafty. You’ll have a feature before you know it.

4. Let others know where you’ve failed.

Failing doesn’t seem like it’s very article-worthy, but you’d be surprised. I wrote an article about my money-saving cookie failure which garnered me comments from readers who had tried the exact same thing and could relate with me on my experiment! You don’t have to write about a life-changing failure for it to be worth-while, you just have to be relatable.

5. Share a touching moment from your life.

Some people specialize in the everyday “d’awwww” moments that happen in life, while others steer clear of those topics like they’re the plague. However, it can be a great thing to toss in a quirky read about your sweet kids, or a tear-jerking piece about your grandmother’s last words. Write about how the event ties into who you are and what you do, and the readers will come rolling in.

6. Find a hot-button issue and start pushing buttons.

Religion. Politics. Women’s Rights. Extreme parenting. Yikes. This are the subjects I usually delicately tip-toe around. Luckily, not everyone that disagrees with you is going unfollow you if they do see, and what’s more than that, you’re going to gain a lot more readers than you are going to lose. When the Syria thing was at it’s peak, I wrote an article about it that ended with me gaining three times as many followers as I lost!

7. Write about something that is a genuine enjoyment for you.

If you’re interested in a topic, trust me, there are thousands and millions of others out there interested in it as well. Eventually, they’re going to type the magic words into a search engine that will bring up your blog, and tadaa! - you’ll have a new reader.

8. Have a few facts up your sleeve? Share them with everyone else.

I know about eggs. That’s right, eggs.So I wrote about eggs in my blog, and guess what? It got me comments, clicks, and followers. Stick to facts and you’ll be able to arm your readers with some great new knowledge.

9. Find something in your house to review.

Reviews are a driving force behind consumer decisions, and with the economy still struggling along, more people than ever before are heading to the internet to do their research before they sink money into a product. Plus, reviews are a really easy way to fill an empty slot on your publishing schedule.

10. Cook something.

Cooking can be fun and is a pastime enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Find an ingredient in your kitchen that you aren’t using, search around the internet for a recipe you could make with it, then get to cooking. Shopping blogger? Use a play on words and title your dessert “Black Friday Forest Cake”. Sports journalist? Showcase the perfect Superbowl snack. Anyone can use recipes to create a great article.

Hopefully these ideas already have your creative juices flowing, and the writer’s block has been banished for a while. Go refill that coffee again, have a little bit of fun with your writing, and the readers will come swooping in when you least expect it.

Alicia Figueroa is a mom-blogger that tackles life with a do-it-all motto. She writes like she lives and covers topics that run the gambit of her experiences. She currently lives in Florida with her husband, two children, a mother-in-law and a couple of troublesome ferrets. You can see more of her articles on her blog at, or follow her on any of the social media links below.

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  • Sheila October 11, 2013, 4:11 pm

    These are all great tips to work the mind and find ideas to write. I am not a writer, just a blogger who blogs for hobby, fun and moolah more, i do get writers block and it sucks when it strike on the moment of deadlines writing opportunity. Thanks for sharing.
    Sheila recently posted…Haircut & New Look, Party, New Harvest and FoodiesMy Profile

  • Emily @ Simple Life Of A Fire Wife October 15, 2013, 9:00 am

    These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing at Share Your Stuff Tuesdays!

  • Marty October 16, 2013, 11:19 am

    Fabulous post and super tips. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty
    Marty recently posted…Wheat-Burlap & QuailMy Profile

  • Betty Taylor October 17, 2013, 10:10 am

    What fantastic tips! We all have a round of writer’s block at times. This is a great list to get your mind going again.

    Thanks for linking this post to The Four Seasons Blog Hop.
    Betty Taylor recently posted…Easy MeatloafMy Profile

  • Abby October 17, 2013, 11:17 am

    Great post and very practical! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Abby recently posted…Painting Interior Doors Black – Why I chose to do itMy Profile


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