Influencer of the Week – Lily Seymour

Today we have Lily Seymour as our influencer of the week! This busy blogger maintains 2 blogs! Read on to see just how she does it!

How, when and why did you begin blogging?

I begin blogging in 2008 to fulfill a need in the over 50 beauty blogging community.  I had just retired from a 20yr career as a
Flight Attendant and I was interested in becoming a beauty consultant for women over 50.  I began searching online for beauty
regimens for mature skin only to discover everything was geared towards anti-aging and youthfulness, there was very limited information for maintaining mature skin so I began blogging in this area.

What are you preferred blogging topics?

I maintain two separate blogs and I have preferences for each one.  For my Beauty blog, I love writing Face of the Day posts.  This allows me to highlight proper makeup techniques to enhance the problem areas most mature women have concerns with.  For my Wigmaking blog, I like writing step by step tutorials on
ventilation, cap design and construction to help women with hair loss due to alopecia and cancer make their own wigs.


What are you up to when not blogging?

When I’m not blogging, I like working in my garden planting, re-potting and rearranging the greenery and flowers.  I find connecting to nature in this way gives me a very peaceful and tranquil calmness that I can’t find in any other activity.  

Can you share any blogging tips that have really helped you?

As a veteran blogger, I would say the most important element of blogging is persistence and dedication.  Your readers can feel
your energy and your words will engage them in conversation. This will ultimately keep them returning to see what you’re up to and motivate you to keep blogging. I also feel that building your social media is another important factor and as we all know, having a large following opens the doors for endless possibilities.

Why and how do you use Sverve?

I love Sverve! My primary way of using Sverve is through their Bookmarket application.  Using this application, you can share any blog post right to your Sverve dashboard with just one click.  I also use Sverve to engage in paid social sharing campaigns, the extra income that I’ve earned from reviewing products and writing blog post is an awesome supplement to my retirement income.

Do you have any tips for your success on Sverve?

The connections I’ve made here on Sverve are endless and constantly growing by the numbers. The best advice that I can give is to network with other members here on Sverve.  Visit their blogs and follow them on social media.  By engaging with others this way, you are ultimately creating a circle of reciprocation and this expansion and growth is essential in the world of blogging.

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