So you have decided that you want to write a review for your blog. This is great until it hits you- “What am I going to review?” and “How am I going to get things to review on my blog?”
This isn’t as easy as you would think. There are millions of things out there for people to use and review and new things come out daily as well. When I first decided that I wanted to do some reviews on my blog I wrote some emails to a nationally well-known companies as well as some local small businesses. I got a lot of thank you for inquiring with our company but your readership is too small to work with you letters from the national companies which I completely understood considering that I had a very small following at the time.
However, the small local businesses were thrilled for me to come talk them about their businesses and what they offered. My first was a local bakery known for their cupcakes. After a few emails back and fourth I soon had six of their best selling cupcakes to taste, critique and enjoy. (I had a hard time deciding which one was my favorite). I also talked to some businesses including a stationary store, a high end interior design store and a dance studio.
“But what if noone responds to me?!” . Sometimes this happens but don’t dispair. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you think other people would enjoy eating at? Write a review and let others how great it is. Does the salon you go to treat you like a queen and make you look fabulous no matter what? Let the world know how great they are. As a courtesy print out a copy of your blog posting for the businesses that you review so they can have a hard copy to read and enjoy.
Also we buy things all the time and tell friends and family how great they are. I personally have written blog posts on stuff I have brought in our local grocery store. I usually write it like I was telling a friend about the product or service. If the company has a Facebook fan page put a link to your article on their
What should I do if I am given something to review and honestly it doesn’t live up to the manufacturer’s claim? Before you write a bad review call and talk to someone preferably a supervisor in customer service . If it is a local place the head manager or if possible the owner is who you would want to talk to. Explain that you sincerely appreciate the chance to try and review their product/service but it is not what you expected.
An important note for reference. In your blog post be sure to let readers know that your opinions are entirely your own. That way noon can accuse you of being biased. Sadly some blogger have been accused of being biased.
The biggest thing is to thank the companies and people who work with you. A simple thank you note whether by email, regular mail or a phone call will make a lasting impression on people.
Now go out there and let the world know what kind of great products are out there!
Denise Hodgson is a blogger and free lance writer. In addition to writing for her own blog, MmommyMusings, she has written for Quest Magazine, US Family Guide, She Speaks, Mom It Forward as well as several ezinearticles on various topics. When she isn’t writing she is a busy wife and mom to five great children. She enjoys collecting antique books, crossword puzzles, traveling and a good cup of coffee. You can visit her at

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  • itzybellababy May 12, 2014, 12:51 pm

    I have had an occasion where I was not having a good experience with a product, and the result was that the review was just not completed. I really try to be selective about what I will review, so that I do not have as much of a likelihood of a negative though.
    Working with the company is very helpful though, as the product may be defective, or the instructions were not followed etc. It gives them a chance to help address the issue- and this becomes an even better review as it highlights their customer service.
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