Most bloggers on Sverve think that Sverve’s only purpose is monetization. I’m proud to announce that such is not the case! Sverve is an active blogging community where you can gather knowledge, make relationships, get new followers and monetize your blog!

1. Gather Knowledge.

Did you know that you can upload “tips” to Sverve? It’s similar to Pinterest in that you can upload virtually anything on the web and your followers will see it on Sverve! On the Sverve dashboard homepage Sverve influencers are able to see “tips” by those they follow and upload their own tips!  Through this avenue you can gather lots of blogging knowledge from those you follow and share some as well!

Sverve also hosts a webinar each month with educational, blogging advice for you to use and implement in your blogging work. It’s scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 9pm, EST. Content promotion, Google+ Hangouts, sponsored posts, LinkedIn, Keys to Building Your Brand, Building a Blogging Community, Balancing Work & Life – these are the topics of several of our webinars. Having access to these resources can greatly help your blogging work and further your monetizing opportunities. Go to our EVENTS PAGE for more information and to sign up for the upcoming webinar! Go to to our WEBINAR PAGE to view past webinars!

2. Make Relationships

On any blogging network you will meet new bloggers and form relationships. Sverve is no different. When an influencer endorses you, that’s an opportunity for a relationship. When you repeated see an influencer upload helpful tips to Sverve, that’s another opportunity for relationships!

Why are relationships so important? Because Rome was not built in a day nor by one person alone. You need a good group of blogging friends to help you, get good information from, host giveaways or link parties with, etc. It’s hard enough to start a blog, much less be a success with it. Seek out new friends!

3. Get new followers.

As you find other bloggers that you appreciate and enjoy, you may decide to endorse and follow them on Sverve, thus making yourself known to them. They may return the favor and visit your blog. They may fall in love with your blog. They may really enjoy a tip that you upload. Either way, you will not be on Sverve long before you will make new friends and get new followers.

There are opportunities to guest blog on SverveBlog that will increase your blog’s visibility and popularity. Because we promote our SverveBlog on social media constantly, guest bloggers have the advantage of being promoted all the time! With your social media links in place, you could rack up a new following just by guest blogging! Read more about it on our GUEST BLOG PAGE.

Think of Sverve as a party that you are attending. Most likely there will be people at this party that you don’t know. This is your chance to make a good impression, be friendly, offer help to others and make lasting relationships.

4. Monetize your influence.

The whole point of Sverve is help bloggers connect with brands for business.  Brands come to us and tell us that they need a group of bloggers to spread the word about their company. We in turn, make you aware of their campaign and allow you to sign up for those that interest you.  A few considerations are made by the brand when choosing influencers for their campaigns: social influence, sverve influence and blog influence. You can read more about it on our SCORING PAGE.  These pages may be of help to you as well: RAISE YOUR SVERVE SCORE and HOW CAMPAIGNS WORK.

What are ways that you have found helpful in growing your blog with Sverve?

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  • Lydia October 30, 2013, 3:14 pm

    Thanks for explaining the different aspects of Sverve!
    Lydia recently posted…Show the Love: MonkeyDo and some favorite bloggersMy Profile

  • Antionette Blake January 15, 2014, 1:28 am

    I love Sverve and all the knowledge I have gained from others!
    Antionette Blake recently posted…Spider in the SmoothieMy Profile


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