YouTube is a popular way to communicate a message, idea or product. Brands frequently use videos to share their latest and greatest products, but reaching their target audience on YouTube can be difficult. With hours of videos uploaded a day, brands are looking for strategic ways to get their videos to stand out. That’s where you come in! Brands are excited to connect and work with bloggers and/or social media influencers to share and promote their videos. You can now monetize your influence by connecting with the right brands  and seamlessly share great new videos relevant to your followers. Sverve makes it simple. If you’re not a part of our community, join now and get the opportunity to work on our latest campaign!

Sverve is proud to announce that we are adding YouTube Video Promotion to our social sharing campaigns! Now you can make money by promoting YouTube videos.

How Do You Get Started?

On our Sverve site, when a YouTube campaign is available in your area of influence, it will populate on the campaigns page. Across the top of the page, there are categories from which you can choose to view: Sponsored Posts, Sponsored Shares, Pinterest and now, YouTube. Clicking on the YouTube tab will take you to all available YouTube campaigns. You can click on “VIEW MORE” to learn more about the specific campaigns. If you would like to participate, click “PARTICIPATE”, once you’ve clicked to participate, you will be engaged on the campaign.Screenshot 2014-03-10 at 11.08.30 AM


How Does It Work?

Once you’ve been engaged on a YouTube campaign, you can view instructions and track your earnings. The instructions are fairly simple to follow, share the video and get paid!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.39.53 AM

Within the campaign instructions, you are given a choice of how to share the video, a unique share link or unique embed widget code. You can share the link anywhere you’d like: social media, on your blog, in an email, etc. Be creative! Each unique visitor who clicks on the link and watches the video is money in your pocket. Each time the video gets a unique view, you will receive compensation.

 The other sharing option is a video widget. You can embed the widget onto your blog site anywhere you’d like.

A few things to note about the video widget are as follows:

You can change the size of the video widget on the YouTube campaign page.

 You can embed your unique video widget html anywhere your blog accepts html: blog post, blog sidebar, blog footer, etc.

The video widget will automatically appear on your blog; and, once the campaign is over, the widget will disappear.Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.40.09 AM

But I’m not a Blogger!

You do not need to be a blogger to participate in YouTube campaigns. Because YouTube campaigns are all about promoting videos, the platform on which you promote doesn’t matter. You can promote these videos using a unique link on social media or in email that you send.

We’ve made the option of a video widget available for our blogger influencers. But if you’re not blogger, then use the unique link. And if you know of social media junkies who would like to make some money on the side, tell them to sign up with us at Sverve!


Nothing is guaranteed to work perfectly. And I’m sure in the future, there might be some issues that arise. Here are few things to keep in mind about YouTube campaigns:

  • Promoting these brands’ YouTube videos have nothing to do with personal YouTube channels.

  • When the brands budget is exhausted, the campaign will be closed. The unique link and the video widget will be deactivated. Anywhere you’ve embedded the video widget, it will disappear.

  • If the brand adds money to a specific YouTube campaign,the video widget will reappear on blogs and the unique link will be active again.

  • You can track your earnings on any YouTube campaign within the respective campaign page. Your earnings are tracked and recorded almost immediately so that there is no delay time.

The YouTube campaign will launch on March 11th. As we roll out the promotion to brands, there will be more campaigns available for you to participate in. Keep your eyes open for this new line of campaigns and share with your friends!

*Please note that all photos shared in this post are for demo purposes only. All information related to active campaigns will be provided on the respective campaign pages.


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  • Amila March 18, 2014, 2:23 am

    Few days ago I joined with my first you tube campaign,it is really interesting and another way to monetize the blog.This post is really helpful as it explains all the doubts and procedure on participating on a video campaign.Thanks for sharing
    Amila recently posted…5 Creative ways to write a Sponsored PostMy Profile


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