We are so excited to announce that Sverve is turning 1 year old in December! Celebrate with us!


From October 15th to November 15th, Sverve is hosting an exclusive giveaway for all Sverve affiliates with $300 in cash prizes!



  • We will have $50 cash prizes for the top 2 affiliates with the most signups under their affiliate link by the end of the giveaway period.

  • We will also have 2 more $50 cash prizes for any participating affiliate chosen at random. To participate, you should have minimum 10 signups during the giveaway period.

  • And then just to make it more fun, we will have 2 $50 cash prizes chosen at random for those new Sverve signups to welcome them into the Sverve community!

Good for you and good for signups!

As agreed upon in the affiliate campaign details, all affiliates will continue to be compensated per sign-up in addition to potentially winning the contest giveaway prize – this means you can earn cash just from your sign ups even if you don’t win the giveaway cash prize!



  • In your promotion of Sverve’s first anniversary, our specialized hashtag, #SverveTurns1, must be used in all social media and blog posts mentions.

  • Feel free to use our #SverveTurns1 picture at the top of this page for social media when promoting sign ups. Post it, Pin it, Instagram it, or contact us at [email protected] for other designs to use!


  • We will send out emails of affiliate signup standings twice a week so that you can track your progress throughout the month.

  • Interested in joining Sverve’s affiliate program? Click here to apply. We’d be happy to engage you!

Good luck, and again – thanks so much for being a part of the Sverve Team!

Here’s to many more anniversaries!