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Webinar - The Smart Girl's Guide to Killer Sponsored Posts

By "Kludgy Mom" Gigi Ross, social media consultant and mom blogger

Competition for sponsored posts and brand work is tighter than ever. Being a successful brand advocate is more than just cutting and pasting a press release. Learn what you need to do before, during and after sponsored post campaigns to make yourself a blogger that brands want to work with again and again.

  • How to be prepped for sponsored post campaigns
  • How to approach sponsored posts creatively and professionally
  • How to keep brands coming back for more

Webinar - Building and Growing an Online Community

By "A Bloggy Mom" Tiffany Noth, Founder - BloggyMoms and Bloggy Conference

No blog is an island unto itself. At the heart of each successful site you will find an outstanding community. The strength and support of the community give longevity not only to the site but to each of its members. By building a community around your blog and social media presence, you can enhance not only your success, but the success of those around you.

  • How to identify your community
  • How to build and grow your community
  • How to provide value within your community

Webinar - How to Make Brands Love Your Blog

By Vanita Cyril, professional search engine marketer and mom blogger

Today, big brands are leveraging the most powerful marketing tool on the Internet - Bloggers. It is a win-win situation for both, but only when your blog meets the brands needs. How to ensure that your blog stands out from the millions of others out there?

  • The truth behind content being king for SEO
  • How to quickly search engine analyze your content
  • How to improve your content for search engines