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Promote - the simple, beautiful way to share visual questions.

Campaign expires on 09/14/2013 active SVERVE Exclusive Campaign

company details:

website: (we also have a fully responsive mobile website)

unmet need: the simple, beautiful way to share visual questions

functionality: post questions alongside images; follow people organizations and focus groups; vote, comment and review results

categories/expertise: today, focused on Home Decor, Men's and Women's Fashion, Weddings and Food & Drink (with plans to expand the # of Focus Groups as we grow)

sample anchr feedback: "love exploring trends and seeing how my tastes compare across categories I love"; "love meeting new people through shared interests"; "mobile website works great too!"


campaign details:

- looking for 10(ish) bloggers to create/write content and promote across their blogs, facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts

- looking for bloggers who know their audience and how/what to write in order to get their followers to navigate to, and try (with ultimate goal of signing up)

- we'd like to review content before it is sent out to followers to ensure on-brand

- would be great if content discussed why anchr is differentiated from anything you have tried on the market, why you'll keep coming back, etc.

- also, please mention that we have a fully responsive mobile website design in addition to the traditional website (so it's really easy and fun to use on the go)


- **note, we will be running a separate contest on sverve that will further drive sign ups and usage, but still looking for growth/usage via this speicifc sponsored post campaign! feel free to do both.




  • Home Decor
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Product Reviews
  • Weddings
  • Social Media

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