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Sverve's Mission

We love connecting female social media influencers and businesses for win-win partnerships. That's why we created Sverve. Being on both sides of the table, we know how important -and challenging- it is for growing businesses and niche influencers to find each other. Finding and working with the right partner can lead to countless valuable collaborations. Our team's mission is to bring transparency to the industry, help talented content creators come out of the shadows and into the influencer spotlight, and make it easy and affordable for businesses to find and work with them

How Sverve Works

Sverve is an affordable and comprehensive service for both businesses and female social media influencers to work with each other.

On Sverve, social media influencers provide comprehensive information about their blogs and connect with their peers by sharing content. Peers can also endorse each other to build their profiles. Sverve automatically aggregates their information and ranks influencers based on their endorsements

Businesses can sign up for free and run campaigns to engage influencers on Sverve. A campaign could be for a sponsored post, product review, promotion, or affiliate model. Sverve identifies the right influencers for each campaign and invites them to apply. Businesses have access to an informational profile of each applicant. This information includes their blog focus, readership statistics, Twitter followers and Alexa ranking, making the decision to engage the influencer quick and easy. Sverve also enables seamless communication between businesses and influencers to get the work done efficiently.

Numerous businesses are already engaging thousands of influencers on Sverve to promote their products and services online. If you are a business wanting to market on the social web or an influencer ready to monetize your influence, sign up today!

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