Nicolette Roux
Sverve Influencer of the Week - Nicolette Roux Each Tuesday, Sverve highlights one standout community member and the qualities that make her unique.  Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed…you never know when it might be you! Nicolette Roux is a seriously busy woman.  She’a s mom to three little ones aged four and under.  She bakes, crafts, sews, and has been known to crochet on occasion.  She’s a gardener and a PC gamer.  And besides all that…she finds time to contribute to two blogs as well as to the Sverve community. I started consistently blogging just over 11 | Continue Reading...

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More Twitter Followers
Would you like to gain more Twitter followers? Are you wondering how to use Twitter to connect with more like-minded brands and bloggers? If so, following these ten simple steps can get you well on your way to more followers and more influence on Twitter. 10 Steps To More Followers on Twitter Step #1: Start following people and brands you want to connect with. This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people wait for others to follow them first. Don’t do this. You can gain more followers in a shorter amount of time by following people and brands that | Continue Reading...

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I used Blogger for several years for a personal/family blog and for the first year of my No Holding Back blog. Blogger is a fine tool for anyone just blogging about their life. But if you’re trying to monetize and build a business, or if you want to implement cool features but do not have the time, patience, or knowledge to do those things, WordPress.Org is definitely right for you. These are my top 5 reasons why you should make the move to wordpress: is the premier blogging platform: Large agencies and businesses use it. As I looked at | Continue Reading...

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Unleash Your Social Verve!


You’re busy. You’re a blogger. You’re a mom. You’re awesome. You spend hours generating amazing blog content and sharing your wealth of knowledge on Twitter and Facebook. You’re the kind of social influencer that brands and marketers would love to connect with to share information about their products and services. Wait a second, where do they find you? There are 3.9 moms who blog in the US alone! Many like you are passionate about their area of influence and have a loyal following. However, only the top 100 mom bloggers get all the mentions and take away the lion share | Continue Reading...

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