New And Improved: Twitter Campaign Dashboard

Our development team has been working hard to improve our Twitter campaign dashboard for both brands AND Influencers!

First lets look at the improvements on the brand dashboard:

  • Brands can now can add and edit an image to the set tweet from the brand dashboard.
  • Brands can find Influencers for a twitter campaign based on geographic location.
  • After the participants of a targeted tweet campaign are selected, brands can now utilize the Message All tab on the “Yes Queue” to communicate with them en mass.
  • Within the brand profile, tweets can be edited and changed. Campaigns can be deleted in Drafts as well.
  • Brands can edit tweets partway through campaign and change tweets that are being sent out if needed. However, previous incarnations of the tweet (pre-edit) will not be saved.
  • A tool has been built to shorten the tweet URL from within the Sverve platform.
  • Brands also now have the ability to preview how the tweet will look for the Influencer.



Improvements on the Influencer dashboard:

  • Influencers can now see all three tweet versions on the same page in visual format for easy selection.
  • An Influencer cannot participate in a Targeted Tweets campaign without having connected their twitter and PayPal accounts.

We are looking forward to doing more and more targeted tweets campaigns, and are excited for these changes to make things smoother all the way around! Happy Tweeting!

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