New Social Shares Process on Sverve

A great part of doing campaigns with Sverve is being able to support each other through social sharing!

Some of our Sverve campaigns involve social shares as the campaign requirements. These campaigns are a lot of fun because of the lift in traffic resulting in lots of social shares from various influenecers!

Up until now, the REPORTING of the social shares has been a bit of a pain in the buns.

Our tech team has worked tirelessly to improve this process, and now it is ready for you to use!

On the new co-promote page of these campaigns, you will find a listing of all submitted blog posts for the campaign. It will look like this:

As you can see, under each blog post is the share buttons for THAT particular blog post:

You can click the twitter button and share directly from the post! Bingo-bango, it is recorded for you! No further reporting is needed for that tweet.

Because of the way Facebook is coded, we cannot track your share from the Sverve platform. But you can come plug the link to the share in right away and not stress about it.

Pinterest also does not allow us to track your share from our own platform. Copy and paste the link in this dialog box and it should help you keep your pinning straight!

Here is the dialog box for Google+:

And here is the dialog box for Blog comments:
And here is a video for your viewing pleasure!

Sverve Social Shares Process from Sverve Video on Vimeo.

Thank you for being a part of our community!