The first day of summer kicked off last week on June 21, and here at Sverve we have been hard at work in the summer heat – we have some great news to kick off for you this week to prove it!

This week, we updated our platform with changes we know you will love! We hope this review will be a good outline for you as you get re-acquainted to the new layout. As a valued customer of ours, we want to ensure the best experience possible for you while you use our community of influencers and share in these new features.

Please find a review of the changes we have made below. Of course, feel free to send us your thoughts on these or other changes you would like to see implemented! We enjoy customer feedback, take it to heart, and always try to add it into our future work. As always, thank you for supporting us here at Sverve. We look forward to helping you launch a campaign soon!


Support Information

  • When you log in as a brand, you can search influencers at the top using the field marked with a magnifying glass.
    • Now, you can geo-locate influencers by area in the world by looking at the location displayed to the right of the influencer’s name (Figure 1, a).
    • You can also ensure the influencer has passed the four-step verification process we have by observing the check mark below the influencer’s location (Figure 1, b).


Figure 1. Personal profile page of an influencer.

Compete Statistics

  • We now show Compete data (Figure 2, a) for our influencers. Compete is the industry standard for how information is collected for each blogger on the internet. Compete data varies drastically from our Sverve data. You can be sure that our data is accurate, as Compete estimates their numbers. Please be aware that Compete also cannot collect data on everyone, so we only have data for about 40% of our community. We update data as soon as we get it. Trends between both our data and Compete are the same, even hough numbers differ.
    • We display data in 3-, 6-, and 12-month durations (Figure 2, b).
    • The graph will adjust accordingly as you change the timeframe (Figure 2, c).
  • The orange line displays the total views the influencer has had to their site over time, in total. The blue bar graph displays the unique views to their site in that duration of time for each month.


Figure 2. Graphical representation of influencer’s blog stats.


Figure 3. Influencer Campaign Stats.

  • You will now be able to see how many campaigns each influencer has participated in (Figure 3). This gives you insight into their experience with particular campaigns.



Figure 4. Campaign dashboard improvements.

Campaign Dashboard

Please note: the Edit Campaign option is still in the top of the campaign (Figure 4, a).

  • We have converted tabs to fields. The pending tab has been converted to a box, where potential influencers who have applied, are displayed (Figure 4, b).
  • In the “More” dropdown menu (Figure 4, c), you have the option to separate influencers into categories, such as your “Maybe” pile (influencers you are debating but have not yet fully engaged), or your “Completed” pile (for those influencers who have already submitted work to you, and you have approved).
  • If an influencer wants to opt out of your campaign, you will be able to see them here (Figure 4, d).


Figure 5. Flagging unresponsiveness of an influencer.

Influencer Unresponsiveness

  • Clicking Engaged will show you those influencers who you have clicked engaged on, and can now fully interact with (send messages, adjust work with them, and so forth; Figure 5, a).
    • If an influencer is not responding to your messages, you can now flag them (Figure 5, b).
      • This will give the influencer 48 hours to respond to you. If they do not, then they will be automatically removed from your campaign. They will be unable to apply to your campaign again. If they do respond to you within 48 hours, then their flag will be removed. However, if they are flagged again, then they are again automatically removed.


Feedback screen

Figure 6. Influencer Feedback Screen.

Influencer Feedback

  • Here, you will be asked to rank the influencer, to help with future classification of individuals in our community.

We hope you like these changes! Again, thank you. We would not be here working hard to help you, if it were not for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at: .


The Sverve Team

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