Here are some great ideas for your table for Thanksgiving! We sifted through our thousands of tips that Sverve influencers have uploaded and found some great fall decor! Some are DIY, some are incredibly easy to put together but all are beautiful and will impress your guests!

Thanksgiving Blessings Place Cards

Maria Bonnacci uploaded this tip from Krafty Cards Etc. Blog. View the recipe HERE>

Burlap Utensil Holders

Theresa Huse uploaded this tips from her own site, Dear Creatives Blog. View the recipe HERE>

Fall Dinner Linen Napkins

Jennifer West uploaded this tip from her blog,  Day to Day Life Blog.View the recipe HERE>

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Angela Swanson uploaded this tip from her own blog, My Personal Accent Blog. View the recipe HERE>

Decorate for fall & quickly change your home’s look

Sandy Denman uploaded this tip from her own blog, Day to Day Life. View the recipe HERE>

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