After spending this first year at Sverve with our platform limited just to women, we are proud to announce that we are opening up our blogging community to male infuencers and bloggers!

How did this change come about?

Brands. Brands consistent requests to reach male influencers made us ponder this idea.

“After launching with just female influencers, we started receiving a lot of requests from brands who specifically wanted to reach male influencers”, explained Rohit Vashisht, CEO of Sverve. “There’s a lot of pent up supply and money to be made there. Today we’re opening up that supply to male influencers everywhere.”

A new group of male influencers brings a whole new group of brands wanting to work with them! Even female influencers will have new opportunities to tap into! Those female influencres who write about topics such as finances, relationships, sports, tech, etc. as men are known to often write about, will now have a chance to work with brands not previously available!

What does this mean for existing influencers on Sverve?

Change is exciting! With new male influencers joining Sverve, there will many positive results for existing influencers!

1. More relationships.

One great aspect of Sverve is that bloggers can meet and build relationships with other like-minded bloggers! From these relationships emerge shared knowledge, blogging groups and support, joint link parties and giveaways, and new friends! As male influencers join our Sverve community, it opens for the door for many more blogging relationships. You never know the great value that could come from a blogging relationship!

2. New categories.

As we add male influencers to our Sverve community we will be adding new categories or areas of influence. Finances, sports, marketing and relationships are a few. Some of these may already apply to existing influencers and that’s great! Now you can take advantage of these new categories and expand your influence!

3. More campaigns.

Because we are adding male influencers to Sverve, we will also be adding many new campaigns and brands that want to work you! Some of these campaigns will be directed totally at the males; but some of them will be open to female influencers as well! The larger our Sverve community grows the more opportunities for our influencers!

4. More money!

Who doesn’t want more money? With more influencers and more campaigns available, that’s more money for our influencers! You will have more campaigns to choose from and more opportunities to make some cash!

Another way that you will be able to rake in some more cash is through our affiliate campaign program ! Our affiliate campaign pays $2 for every blogger that you refer to Sverve! Because our platform is not limited to just females, that opens the door much wider! Now an affiliate of Sverve could earn twice the money! If you’re interested in becoming a Sverve affiiate CLICK HERE!

How can existing influencers capitalize on this change?

1. Invite male influencers.

If you’re an affiliate for Sverve for every influencer that you bring on to Sverve, you’ll earn cash! If you’re not a part of the affiliate program, CLICK HERE to learn more!

2. Endorse male influencers.

Endorsing influencers on Sverve can increase your Sverve score which will help you get chosen for more campaigns! So when you see male influencers pop up, endorse them! Begin relationships, learn something new and make it count for you!

As this new integration begins, welcome the male influencers! And as always THANK YOU for being a part of our Sverve community!

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