Influencer of the Week – The Rebel Foodie

Sverve Influencer of the Week – Bobbie Seacrist

This is the inaugural post in SverveBlog’s new weekly feature.  Each Tuesday, we will be highlighting one standout Sverve community member and the qualities that make her unique.  Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed…you never know when it might be you!

Bobbie Seacrist is passionate about all things food. Her blog, The Rebel Foodie, is evidence of this.  “I am always on the prowl for something delicious and ways to make preparing it easy.  I love being in the kitchen and cooking, having big family dinners or just a few friends over for pot luck.”  When she began blogging eight years ago, she just thought that it would be her friends reading her words. “I never dreamed it would take off and be what it is now. I am still mind blown when I go to the front page and think ‘Wow, this is my blog.'”

Blueberry Shortcake Recipe

Blueberry Shortcake with Marscapone.  Have mercy.


We asked Bobbie a few questions in the interest of getting to know her better:

Why and How do You Use Sverve?

Sverve clicked with me the very first time I used it.  It had a Pinterest feel to it, something I was familiar with but was a lot easier to network with. Endorsing fellow bloggers was a brilliant idea because for the first time your numbers weren’t the biggest factor, it was how knowledgeable you were in a subject. I’ve met so many influencers didn’t even know existed and I started seeing posts I would have never seen before. I’ve learned so many things about blogging, and social media thanks to Sverve.  It also introduced me to brands I didn’t know about and gave me the opportunity to work with them. I am really excited about my new venture with Feast and I wouldn’t have had the chance to see such an amazing project if it wasn’t for Sverve.  The information, networking and brand recognition you get is worth its weight in gold. I am huge supporter of Sverve but Sverve has been supportive of me, too.”

What Are Some of Your Passions, Other than Blogging?

I love to read. I have an extensive book collection and also a Kindle filled to the rim. Making jewelry is another big passion of mine. It is so relaxing to design a new piece and then make it.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone New to the Blogosphere?

Find your niche from the start. I can’t stress that enough. Sit down, make a plan and decide the three top things you enjoy talking about. Center everything on your blog around those, including the name and look. When I started I was all over the place and then when I finally settled on food blogging it was a nightmare to change the name, look and totally rebrand. Also, I am playing catch up because now I have to transition my readers from a blog that posted everything to mostly food now. I wish someone had told me to settle on a few subjects in the beginning. I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Also, read as much as you can about Google Analytics and the FTC guidelines, and be transparent if you are paid for a post. Do it from the start so a year from now you won’t have to clean up 500 posts to make them ‘legal.’  Most of all have fun, be passionate and enjoy the journey because you never know what opportunities may come your way!”

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10 thoughts on “Influencer of the Week – The Rebel Foodie

    • Thank you so much Antionette! It was a huge honor and I am really excited about it. Also, good luck with Nutrisystem! and girl, you are rocking that black and white dress. I love it!

  1. Yay, Bobbie! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. I stopped by your blog, saw your zucchini-squash au gratin recipe, and now can’t stop drooling. Thanks a heap. ;) And congratulations!

    • Thank you Sue! Ah, the Zuch and Squash recipe! One of my favorites that I put on the blog as a whim and wow, it has been one of my most popular. Thank you again, for everything :)

  2. Congratulations on being selected Influencer of the Week! Your recipes look delicious!

    • Thank you so much Cassi! Congrats on your charm. I am not a member of weight watchers but if I was receiving charms like that I would make a really pretty charm bracelet ( or buy a charm bracelet starter). I would add the charms and also some beads to signify what the journey meant to me :)

  3. Yay congrats on being the Influencer of the Week. Very well deserved, that photo of the blueberry shortcake nearly had me licking the screen!

    • Thank you so much Deby! lol about licking the screen! Every time I see that picture I want to run to the kitchen and make it. Heaven help my waist line :)

  4. So nice to meet you Bobbie. Congratulations on being the first Influencer of the week! And the picture above? Have mercy indeed! I’m stopping by your blog to drool, I mean read more about your Blueberry shortcake.

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