Sverve is hosting a Twitter chat tonight, Monday, at 10pm EST during this week’s episode of Bravo TV’s “Southern Charm”. And we would love to have you there with us! You can even join the campaign and participate in it!

We are looking for fun, witty influencers who would like to help us promote Bravo TV’s “Southern Charm.” This campaign is a pilot, volunteer-based project. We are testing to see if the Sverve network would be a good fit to promote live TV shows. There is no compensation. There is no affiliation with Bravo, Southern Charm or NBCUniversal.

Volunteers will:

1. Live tweet during this week’s episode of Bravo TV’s “Southern Charm” (Monday night, 10/9c, April 14th.

2. Write a blog post after the show sharing your thoughts (due by the latest on Wednesday midnight, April 15th).

3. Share your reactions, thoughts and questions about the show on your social media! Did you like or dislike any characters? Did you love the drama? Did you love the fasion?

4. Encourage your followers to join in on the live-tweeting fun during the episode! Feel free to share and review Southern Charm with your friends and  family on your blog and social media channels!

Why should you volunteer?

1. You can gain valuable experience promoting a show: Sit back, relax & watch Southern Charm! Tweet and post to social media/blog, have fun with it!

2. It’s a short-term commitment: This campaign is only 5 days long, from April 3rd – April 8th

3. You can boost your social media & blog: Your Southern Charm posts will be promoted by Sverve! Sverve will even follow your Southern Charm Pinterest board!

4. You will be seen by NBCU & other networks! You will be credited when the wrap-up report goes to NBCU and other networks.

If you’re not interested in joining the campaign, no problem! We would love to have you join our twitter chat anyway!

So join us tonight at 10pm EST during “Southern Charm” and tweet away!

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