We have some exciting news for all Sverve influencers! To make your work with brands more effective, we are implementing a few changes that you will see reflected in your Sverve dashboard on Monday, June 23rd! One of these changes is the ability for a brand to raise a flag against an unresponsive influencer while engaged in a campaign. And the second change is the ability for a brand to rate an infuencers work on a campaign.

Flags for unresponsiveness

When engaged in a campaign with a brand, it’s influencers responsibility to stay in communication with the brand to work on details. Through your Sverve dashboard you send and receive messages from brands. But sometimes you get busy, or sick and unforeseen circumstances arise. We get it; that’s life! So messages from brands go unnoticed. While brands are waiting for a response from you, you’re blissfully unaware. So to make it easier on you and the brand, we’ve come up with the flagging system!

This system makes it easier for you to see when a brand needs a response from you. And this ensures that brands will receive one! Here’s how it works!

1. Brands raise a flag against an unresponsive influencer & the influencer is notified.



If a brand has sent you message or two without any response for several days, they may raise a flag. This is to get your attention, because sometimes messages may go unnoticed on your end.  When the flag is raised you have 48 hours to take action.

2. Influencers have 2 options to take.


Upon viewing your flag raised against you, you have 2 options. You can opt out of the campaign or respond to the brand and continue working with them. With either option chosen the will flag disappear. No problem! A response is simply needed.

A NOTE: If you become unresponsive again to brand messages, after you’ve already taken action once to a raised flag against you, you will automatically be disengaged from the campaign. There will be no warning or additional raised flags.

3. If unresponsive, influencers are disengaged.

If you take no action to a raised flag, after 48 hours the brand can disengage you on the campaign. There will be no reminders or messages about the raised flag. You will simply be disengaged.

4. A raised flag reflects negatively on scoring.

When flags are raised against you, that negatively affects your Sverve score. Brands need to know that they can depend on those they are working with. When they feel they cannot because of unresponsiveness, this reflects badly for the influencer. In order to keep accountability present, we’ve chosen to integrate this into scoring. In the future, when you are being considered for a campaign, brands will take into account your responsiveness. Brands want to know they can trust and depend on those they are compensating!

REMEMBER: at any time during a campaign, you have the option to opt out of it. If you’re uncomfortable with completing work for a brand or unforeseen circumstances arise, please take advantage of the “opt out” option! This ensures no raised flags against you and lets the brand know of your intent. 

Rating for influencers’ work

Another new feature that we are adding is the ability for brands to rate an influencers’ work on a campaign. After you submit work to a brand, they have the ability to approve or deny it. Upon approval, they are required to rate your work.

An influencers’ work is rated in 2 areas: Responsiveness and Quality of Work. Each one can be rated as poor, satisfactory or excellent. Influencers will not see these ratings as they have been added for brands benefit. When a brand is considering you for a campaign, they will take into account your past campaign ratings. So the incentive to submit high-quality, timely work is promoted!

These new changes are meant to improve influencer/brand relations! We hope this makes your work with brands more effective!


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