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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sverve?

Sverve is a growing network of thousands of female influencers who are most active on social media and online. Our rapidly growing service categorizes influencers by their demographic, location and area of influence to meet your unique outreach needs. You get a measure of their influence via their endorsements for their areas of influence, followership and blog content. In addition, Sverve provides you the ability to start campaigns, enroll influencers and communicate with them, all at one place. On Sverve, you can run social media campaigns easily and effectively!

Do I need to pay to sign up?

There is no charge for signing up. You only pay when you add a new campaign. Your free account provides you an ability to search for influencers on Sverve.

Why and How do you verify company information?

We want to ensure that only real companies are publishing campaigns on Sverve. We check your website, online information and even call you if required to verify the company information. Once verified, we will activate your account and inform you via email. Please make sure to provide the correct email and website [and of course rest of the information] at signup time.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is an assignment for which you want to enroll influencers on Sverve. Typical examples are - a referral program, guest blogging opportunities, product reviews, and community management. You can start a campaign on Sverve for influencers to see and apply for it. Sverve shows you all the applicants with their full details and even provides recommendations for influencer's that fit the assignment. You can also manage all communication with influencers on a campaign.

What types of campaigns are run on Sverve?

Typical campaigns include but are not limited to Product Reviews, Sponsored Posts, Product Promotions, Seasonal Promotions, and Affiliate Programs. Clients can and do run multiple campaigns depending on individual strategy. For example, should the goal be to receive coverage for a specific product or brand, you may want to run a product/service review. Should you be focused on customer acquisition, you may consider an affiliate model.

How do I create a campaign?

You can create a new campaign by clicking on "Start Campaign" button on your dashboard or from the top menu bar. It will open a form to add key information for the campaign like title, description, compensation etc. You can save a draft to come back to it later or publish it by paying the campaign subscription fee.

What is the duration of a campaign?

By default all campaigns are live for 30 days. However, you can extend a campaign for 30 days at a time by paying an additional subscription fee for it. A campaign expires after 30 days if additional fee is not paid.

How much does it cost to start a campaign?

You can publish a campaign for $200 for 30 days. There are no other hidden fees. Just pay a monthly subscription fee of $200 in advance to continue the campaign for next 30 days.

Is campaign fee one time or ongoing?

A campaign fee of $200 keeps it live for 30 days. You can continue the campaign for another 30 days by renewing. Otherwise, the campaign will expire at the end of 30 days.

What does it mean for a campaign to expire?

A campaign expires after 30 days if not renewed. An expired campaign isn't visible to influencers. You and influencers can't communicate on an expired campaign. However, it will still be visible to you in read-only mode.

How much should I compensate Influencers

Influencer compensation is highly dependent on campaign type and campaign strategy. It can include cash, products, % of sales, and/or promotions.

For Sponsored Post campaigns, bloggers set their compensation amounts. Brands will be able to make a decision, based on their statistics and compensation, whether or not to engage each Influencer. To note, Sverve does recommend a certain compensation amount to bloggers given their reach/influence, however, bloggers are always able to set their own amount.

For Affiliate and Other campaigns, brands set a certain compensation amount such as % of sales or specific $ amount per sale to bloggers. This can also include but is not limited to contest and product giveaways or a combination of the two.

Who is responsible to pay Influencers?

Sverve will facilitate payments to bloggers on Sponsored Post campaigns. A service charge will be applied to each blogger engaged. Sverve does not at this time, however, handle payments for other campaigns including but not limited to Affiliate and Contests campaigns. Brands are liable to pay bloggers directly for these types of campaigns

Can I set a minimum score for the type of blogger I wish to work with?

Yes, when creating a campaign you can set a minimum Sverve score for your blogger applicants. You can also edit your campaign after it is published to change the minimum score.

How do I engage a blogger on a campaign?

After clicking into your Sponsored Post campaign, all bloggers who have applied will fall under your pending section. You can either select Yes, Maybe, or No for each applicant. Each selection will place the blogger in the respective tab. You can then Review and Engage all bloggers you would like to work with in the Yes tab by releasing payment to Escrow.

Payment functionality is currently not available for Affiliate and Other campaigns. The Selection and Approval process, however, is the same as above.

What does it mean to pay in Escrow when I engage a blogger for a Sponsored Post campaign?

For Sponsored Post campaigns, Sverve holds compensation for engaged influencers and disburses it when you approve of their work on the campaign. In case some influencers don't finish their work or you dis-engage them then you will get the remaining money back. Escrow ensures payment to influencers and saves your time handling them.

How do I know a blogger is working on my campaign?

After you engage a blogger, she will be notified that you have selected to work with her on this campaign. Brands can always message engaged bloggers to clarify timing in terms of when a blogger will post and/or for any further information.

How do I officially release payments to bloggers who have completed their work?

On Sponsored Post campaigns, Brand can review a bloggers work by clicking Pending Approvals. After review, a brand can decide to accept the work or reject it. Please note, should a Brand reject the work, a reason will be required. After the work has been accepted a Brand can release payment by clicking on Pending Invoices and pay accepted bloggers.

What if an Influencer becomes unresponsive?

Should an Influencer become unresponsive on a campaign, Sverve asks that Brands send a follow-up message to confirm the Influencer is not working on the campaign. If a Brand does not hear back within 24-48 hours, please email [email protected] with details on the status change and we be will able to help disengage.

How specific should I be in my campaign details to Influencers?

Be as specific as possible! For example, if you would like a product review and would like it to be promoted via social media channels, be sure to include this in your Campaign Description (as well as any links, videos, Twitter Hashtags, etc you would like the Influencer to use).

Can I search for influencers?

Yes, you can browse influencer profiles on Sverve. You can do it in two ways. One easy way is to see Top Influencers by clicking on "Top Influencers" menu option. It will show you influencers ranked by their Sverve score. It also shows other information like their blog description, URL and stats along with their areas of influence. You can also filter influencers by their areas of influence from the left box or simply typing it in the search box. You can also search for an influencer by her first or last name from the search box on top left on the menu bar.

How do I know when a new influencer applies to my campaign?

Sverve notifies you via email and on the service when new influencers apply for your campaign. We don't inundate you with emails but only send a summary email with all new applicants and new messages on your campaigns in a day.

What does it mean to engage or deny a influencer?

After a influencer applies to your campaign, you can choose to Engage or Deny the applicant. Engaged applicants will automatically receive notification that you would like to work with them on your campaign. To note, Denied influencer will receive no messages.

How do I decide on which influencers to engage?

Sverve provides comprehensive information about blogger's readership statistics, followers on twitter/FB, Alexa rankings and endorsements on Sverve for informed decision making. You can quickly filter the list based on statistics and then check out their blogs to confirm a good fit. In addition, you can always ask bloggers for more information about their statistics by sending them messages on Sverve.

How can I change the status of a influencer once engaged?

Please email [email protected] with details on the status change and we be will able to help update.

What if an there is an Influencer I would like to work with but she has not applied?

Sverve is more than happy to help bridge the connection between you and an Influencer who may have not applied to your campaign. Just let us know who you have in mind!

What are areas of influence of an influencer?

Influencers specify the categories for their blogs on Sverve. We call these their areas of influence. They tag their posts and receive endorsements from their peers on their areas of influence. It helps Sverve create a deep and accurate classification of influencers. You can use areas of influence to search for influencers as per your need and select the best influencers based on their score in the chosen area of influence.

How is an influencer's score calculated?

SVERVE calculates score in every area of influence and an overall score for influencers. The score in an area of influence is calculated based on number of endorsements and activity on influencer's posts in that area. It also takes into account how other influencers are doing in that area, which means it's a relative score. The overall score is based on scores in top three areas of influence of an influencer.

Are blog statistics certified?

Influencers provide their blog statistics on Sverve. Currently, we go by honor code and believe influencers provide correct statistics. It gives you another data point to decide on the right influencers for your campaign. Going forward we will offer a service to certify blog statistics.

How does Sverve find areas of influence and blog statistics?

Unlike other services, Sverve takes guesswork out of influencer's areas of influence by directly asking them for it! Sverve offers a user-curated classification of influencers. Influencers themselves provide their blog statistics.

How does Sverve find Influencers?

Our pool of influencers is garnered from various sources, including but not limited to Social Media Outreach, Online Advertising, Educational Forums and Resources, and (of course) our own Sverve Affiliate campaign! When Influencers join the Sverve Influencer community they share tips, follow one another and endorse each other in their areas of Influence. As a part of the community, Influencers connect with Brands, connect and learn from Peers, and help build their Influencer following!

How can I communicate with influencers who applied for my campaign?

Sverve notifies you of new messages from influencers on a campaign via email and by notifications on the service. You can see all new messages and reply to them via the Campaign Response screen.