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Frequently Asked Questions

What are areas of influence on a profile?

SVERVE is a great platform for social media influencers to build their profile and get noticed by brands, marketers and users. The best way to do it is by specifying your areas of influence on your profile. You can connect your tips with your areas of influence so that users and brands can see your passion, knowledge, and influence in that area. Users can also endorse you in those areas to make a stronger case for you. You can add up to five areas of influence on your profile.

Why should I add areas of influence?

Your areas of influence inform other influencer' about your expertise. Your profile is tagged by your areas of influence, which makes it appear in search results, in similar influencers' list, and on endorsement pages. It is a great way for readers and other influencer' to find you. Also, you build your score when you gain more endorsements. Your blog is also tagged with your areas of influence and becomes searchable on Sverve. Your areas of influence define not only you and but also your blog on Sverve!

How can others endorse me in areas of influence?

Endorsements are a great way to get others to approve your influence in an area. A user can endorse you in more than one area of influence by clicking on the "Endorse"" button on your profile page or on an area of influence page.

How to connect a tip with an area of influence?

You can connect a tip with an area of influence in two ways:

  1. While adding a new tip, pick an area of influence to which it belongs.
  2. You can always connect a tip with an area of influence after adding a tip by selecting "Apply Influence"" button on tip details.

How can I improve my score?

Your score is determined by three factors: Social Influence, Blog Influence, and Sverve Influence. Read about our scoring system in detail here

How do I apply for a campaign?

We've made the process as simple as possible. Using the "campaigns" link at the top of the homepage, go through our selections and determine which would be the best fit for your niche. Be sure to read the campaign description in its entirety so that you understand the expectations associated with it. Then click the "apply" tab and verify that your information in each field is correct.

How are applicants selected for campaigns?

There is no single formula. Each brand has its own goals regarding what it wants to achieve from a campaign. Some might want hundreds of influencers promoting their service or product via an affiliate campaign, and others may want only a handful of highly influential voices writing sponsored posts.

To this end, brands have the capability of posting a minimum influence score when creating a campaign. They might choose to set no minimum score, or to set it at 25 or 50. All influencers can view all of Sverve's campaigns but will only be able to apply if their score meets the minimum requirement set by the brand. Interested in raising your score? View our scoring page.

What does it mean to get an endorsement?

An endorsement is an affirmation by a user of your area of influence. Most Sverve users see the endorsements' count when deciding whom to follow. Also, brands look at endorsements [and score] as a measure of your influence while hiring for writing assignments. All endorsements are published on twitter and that builds your brand on other social media too.

How can I get more endorsements?

The more active you are the higher the chance you will get endorsed. Follow influencer' and share posts frequently, so that more people can see your content and commitment to your area of influence. It also helps to acknowledge others' expertise for them to notice you. In short, be active!

Why don't I see my score change during the day?

All scores are calculated at the end of the day. You will see an updated score [if applicable] at 8 PM ET.

Why should I add posts?

Your posts help users find you on Sverve. The more people see your posts the more readers you get for your blog because all posts are links back to your original blog posts. It is a great way for new users to find, follow, and endorse you. Typically most active users see most traffic and endorsements and hence a higher score on Sverve

How do I add a tip?

Adding a tip on SVERVE is simple. You can add a tip by either clicking on ""+TIP"" button or clicking in the "Text Box". All you need to provide is a link to what you are tipping, a small description and a category. There is also optional information like specifying your area of influence, picking a picture and sending the tip to Facebook.

Why do I need to select a category for a new tip?

SVERVE users can personalize the content by either filtering or adding specific categories to their favorites. By specifying a category for your tip, you can ensure that it will reach the right audience, as well as appear in search results.

What does "Share" do?

When you share a tip, your followers can see it. It is an affirmation that you want to send it to your followers. Also, it adds the tip to your tip list.

What is BookMarklet?

BookMarklet is an easy way for you to share tips from anywhere on the Web. Just drop our BookMarklet in your browser's favorite bar and send tip to Sverve from whichever website you are browsing with a single click! It is a cool way to find, organize, and share content from the Internet. You can learn more about BookMarklet here.

Can I send a Tip to Facebook or Twitter?

Absolutely! Just click on a tip to go to its Tip detail and you will see options to tweet, send to Facebook, or email this tip at the top. You will also see an option to get a short link to the tip. Just copy and paste it anywhere you want to share.

Why should I connect Twitter with Sverve?

Sverve users can share posts/tips on twitter. Also, when they endorse you, Sverve automatically tweets it. If you want your twitter handle to appear on those tweets, then make sure to connect your twitter account with Sverve. If you didn't sign up on Sverve using twitter, then you can connect it on the Settings page.

Why connect Facebook account with Sverve?

Sverve has a unique way of working with Facebook. We learned that most of our users don't want to update same status on multiple networks. So we built Sverve to get your Facebook status if you add the tag "#tip" in it. Sverve will fetch your status from Facebook, categorize it, and save it for your friends to find it anytime.

It also makes it easy to connect with people on Sverve. Anytime your Facebook friends join Sverve with their Facebook login, Sverve automatically connects both of you, saving you the effort to create a new friend network!

What information does Sverve pull from or publish to my Facebook wall?

Sverve doesn't publish anything on your Facebook wall without your explicit consent. It only pulls those statuses from your Facebook which you mark with "#tip". Also, you will always see an option to send a tip to Facebook, but we will never post it without your consent.

I didn't sign up with my Facebook account. How can I connect it now?

No worries if you didn't sign up with your Facebook account but want to attach it with Sverve now. You can do it anytime by going to Settings [your name in the top bar->Settings] page.

It will ask you to log onto Facebook once and ask for permission to access your information. We will never publish anything on your Facebook wall without your consent.

Does Sverve work with Twitter?

Sverve works with Twitter in two ways:

  1. You can connect your Twitter account to have Sverve pull your tweets where you add "#tip" tag. Similar to Facebook status message, Sverve fetches tweets with "#tip" tag, categorizes, them and makes them searchable.
  2. You can tweet any tip from Sverve. You don't need to connect your Twitter account for it. Sverve automatically inserts a link to the tip in your tweet so that you don't have to summarize it in 140 chars!

Can I send my tweets to Sverve?

Yes! Here is how you can do it

How do I invite friends?

There are multiple ways to invite friends on Sverve. You can access these options by selecting "Invite Friend" option in the toolbar.

You can invite friends by:

  1. Emailing them with a personal note. Sverve will send them an invite link along with your personal message

  2. Sending invite to Facebook friends. It will publish a short message on their wall asking them to join Sverve.

How can I find friends on Sverve?

You can also search for friends by searching for users by their first name, last name or the full name.

How can I search for tips?

You can search for tips by a user's name, keywords or categories. You can search from the search box in the top bar. If you give multiple search words separated by space then it will search tips that have all the search words in its tags or product name. For example, searching for "Book Franny" will fetch tips that have both "Book" and "Franny" in their description or tags.

Can I email a tip to someone outside Sverve?

Yes, you can email tips to people who are not on Sverve. You can do it on tip detail via "email" icon. It will ask you for the person's email id [you can give multiple separated by commas], and a personal note that is optional. The recipient will receive your personal note and tip description in the email.

What are tags on a tip?

When you add a tip, Sverve tries to find keywords for it. These keywords are called tags because Sverve tags your tips by these keywords for easy search. It works on your Facebook and Twitter messages too.

You can add or delete tags on your tips [added or shared] on their detail page. We don't get it right all the time, so feel free to change it as you deem fit.