How campaigns work on Sverve is different than other monetization opportunities on various sites. Learning and mastering each site with which you work for your blogging income can be a challenge. So here are a few things to keep in mind of how campaigns work on Sverve.

  1. Apply for a campaign. Running along the very top of your computer screen is the Sverve navigation bar where you will find the word, ‘campaigns’. By clicking on that word you will see what campaigns fit your areas of influence and which ones you are able to apply for.
    1. Read the campaign description carefully. Not every campaign listed will be specifically applicable to you. Therefore read the descriptions of each campaign carefully. Some campaigns have a specific niche they are wanting to target. Sometimes brands require that influencers obtain a  certain Sverve score to be considered or many followers on social media. Whatever the case may be, if you do not meet those requirements, don’t apply. Be considerate to those brands that must sift through each application.
    2. Be honest with yourself and brands. Upon submitting your application, you are able to input certain information about your blog and following: unique visitors per month, total visitors per month, pageviews per month. Be honest when giving this information and don’t exaggerate.
  2. Wait patiently. It may be up to several days before you hear anything back from the brands with which you signed up for their campaign. You may never get a response. Either way, be patient. Know that up to thousands of applications are submitted for different campaigns and each one is personally considered. Do not despair if you are not chosen! Continue applying for campaigns and raising your Sverve score!
  3. Act when engaged. You will be notified via Sverve messaging when you are engaged for a campaign. { look at the top navigation bar at ‘messages’ } At this point a couple different senarios could occur.
    1. Communication via email:
      1. You will be emailed via Sverve messaging with your information. Sometimes brands will coorespond with you exclusively through your Sverve messaging. They will give you your information or details for your blog review/post. Remember to refer back to the campaign description.
      2. You will be emailed via your personal email with your information. Other brands may decide to use your personal email to coorespond with you. They may send you a Sverve message that tells you this. They may give you their personal email for you to initiate conversation. Either way, keep an eye on your email inbox as well.
      3. You will be emailed via Sverve and your personal email. Sometimes brands choose to use both methods of communication. Be sure to keep close tabs on your email inbox and spam folder.
      4. Tip: whatever way brands communicate with you, make sure you do the same. Your message may go unnoticed if you send it to the “wrong” email.
    2. Writing your post:
      1. Follow directions. All of the information that you will  need to write your post will be given to you via correspondence with brands or on the campaign description. Make sure you reference these and keep the messages until your post has been written. Include all links, pictures and information required.
      2. Contact brands upon post activation. Brands will ask that you submit your blog and social media linksl once your post is live. Until you do this you may not be paid. Don’t forget!
  4. Get paid. This is the best part! After your post has gone live and  you’ve notified the brand, the brand will approve or deny your work. Upon approval you will get paid. But make sure you pay attention to these tips:
    1. Submit your links to the brand. Upon viewing the specific campaign there are four tabs across the top of the page: Campaign, Apply, Messages, Submit Work. In the Submit Work tab, you can submit your blog post link and your social media links. Make sure you submit all of those links required on this page or approval can be delayed.
    2. Payment is not always immediate. At the top of you campaign description webpage is a notification of who is responsible for your payment. Sometimes Sverve will be responsible for your payment. In that case payments are made each Saturday, if your payment due is over $5.00. Sometimes the brand with whom you were engaged is responsible for your payment and the time frame on that is not always consistent. If you haven’t heard back from the brand directly, give it time. It may take them a week to get back with you.
    3. Dozens of influencers are engaged on campaigns at a time. Brands will have a bit of work as they check each bloggers post for accuracy as well as respond to bloggers emails and pay influencers. Remember this as brands may not act as quickly as you would like.
    4. Payments are usually paid via Paypal. Most of the time you will be paid via paypal. Sverve always pays via this avenue. And brands with whom you are engaged on a campaign usually pay out through Paypal as well. Again the timing of this differs depending on with whom you are dealing.

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